Fortuna Divina



A lesson I learned the hard way 🤣
But shit, a lesson learned and moving fwd, applied, nonetheless.

These Divine teachers are so necessary and absolutely do not equate romance just because they show up.

Ask yourself

what am I to be learning from this person?
As opposed to “getting” something from them other than to understand the intentions of their presence, & in what capacity of a lesson is to be extracted from this dynamic.

Oh trust me, I know how the fucking media and movies and shit brainwashed us into thinking that soul mates or twin flames were all the rage 🙄 and so sweet…and romantic and just…that’s it. You find your soul mate and all is well with the world now. As if those flames & mates aren’t here to fuck us up sometimes, Lolol.

Bihhhhh, if there is a lesson that you need to learn, the Universe will provide.

So yeah no…it ain’t always harmonious..

I’ve experienced some soul mates in this lifetime; from a best friend, to a partner/romantic…to…not so fucking much 🥴 ha ha.

but all of these folx have taught me sooooo many things. They’ve gifted me in ways that I absolutely needed.

Those experiences and teachers are gems, y’all. From inundating love, to heartbreak, to get ya shit together cuz this ain’t it, to straight up “nah”

They are priceless as shit and they only help move you forward on your path (if you agree to act accordingly/do the work).

I am grateful asf for all the Divine teachers and soul lessons on my journey.

I couldn’t be this goddamn cognizant without it. Or as loving. Or as compassionate & other good shit too.

I remember reading this somewhere:

Don’t confuse a soul mate for a lesson

Well shit. They all lessons if you paying attention. Love and above. Peace.


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