Dayum reGina


So. The birds are singing me songs. It’s almost 6am and I have yet to have fallen asleep from the prior night (Saturday) because this human & his IG Live took over my body

He is still going. I…need to take my ass to sleep bc I have a virtual quarantine brunch today (Sunday) which…going by what time it is…my brunch will be around dinner time, lol. Nonetheless, I digress. This set took my ass back in time with the classics he played. & after hearing Anita Bakers “Caught Up In The Rapture” I had a thought about another singer: Regina Belle. & her song & video for “Baby Come To Me”

After watching this video…idk maybe a year ago after it’s been umpteen years since I saw it, I cane to a very obvious conclusion (obvious only now that I’m way more cognizant & especially in tune w my 8th House in Scorpio)

Any witch, any person who knows of such things & worth a grain of salt…

could tell that this song and video is a whole ass spell. Peep the lyrics to this song: INTENT & specific focus, energetically on this man.

Silver moon shining on my bed beside my pillow
Light the pathway to bring that man to me
Oh, ooh, something tells me
My words are goin’ straight to his heart
And ooh, somethin’ tells me
You will be all mine

Baby, come to me, ’cause I love you
Thinkin’ of you, oh
Baby, come to me, gotta have you
You got it goin’ on, you turnin’ me on
Baby, come to me

Know a secret how to make you want me
How to make you love me, whoa
Sure as there’s a moon above
It’s a friend of mine, it still makes you burn

Said, ooh, ooh, something tells me
The fire’s goin’ right up your spine
Whoa, ooh, somethin’ tells me
You will be all mine

Now, watch this video and tell me Ms. Belle don’t have the power, Lolol

A whole ass r&b love spell

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