iPad baby goats pt2

Will prolly never have the joy of experiencing this giant slug and also try to figure out wtf was happening

The Sphinxes with the laser eyes & Atreyu almost getting his ass lit up by them

This friggin scene had my young ass bawlin, I mean bawlin 😭

Me as a kid:
🤔 this dragon dog is cute, but also creepy

Next we finna move onto what I still consider to be my favourite movie of all time:

Did you know that Paula Abdul choreographed this scene?
(Yes, thee Paula Abdul who gave us this gem)
“Opposites Attract”

Ok. Now back to Coming To America & Peaches aka those rapping Twins
Also, I just noticed the nameplates
This dog is a hero. Cuz Mr Soul Glo was a tool

“You know him as Joe the policeman on the ‘What’s goin’ down’ episode of That’s My Mama. Put your hands together for Jackson Heights own! Mr Randy Watson!”

Ok. But. There was also a couple of Disney films (I’m an 80’s bb) that stuck with me.

Another cute & creepy thing

If I remember correctly, this film was shot in Florida ? Or is set in FL. Either way I wanted 1 of these mf’s myself to also leave Florida

That robot was a smart ass, but so was the kid, lolol

Onward to more Disney:

The Wart.
Madam Mim & her cheatin ass, lol & the great Merlin, the Magician.

Archimedes was just so funny and grumpy to me. I was like this smart ass owl is not the best teacher. Rather, his approach, cuz that owl was the shit.

I would be the packing/moving kween if I had Merlins power.


So. I must admit that I didn’t see this film when it initially came out (thank the goddess) becauseeee this shit right here…I took 1 look at this dude and I promised to go to all the church! I swore to repress my sexuality/identity/preference until the end of fucking time If it meant I didn’t have to run into to anything that reminded me of this terrifying looking mf:

Yikes. But also the “devil” was hella ripped in this. How? Chasing unicorns? And was that supposed to be sexy? Like…with that face…and those fangs??? Yeah no idk either 🤷🏾‍♂️

Well. It’s almost 7am and this concludes part 2 of the series, IPad baby goats. (Cuz a bitch is a sleepy)

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