Oh Gordon


I just watched the live of 1 of my favourite Chefs, Gordon Ramsay. This lockdown/quarantine/self distancing/StayTFHome orders are gifting us with beautiful ass content & experiences from folx at home…that we prolly wouldn’t have been able to see before.

These “celebrities” with no hair and make up team. Chillin in their sweat pants. Sharing energy with their kids, fam, etc. I think it’s so cute to see the human side of these folx who seem to always have to be “on”

It’s good shit.

Well anyway this post was inspired by Chef Ramsay preparing an traditional Italian dish and his daughter, Matilda, as the camera person. Their dynamic was so hilarious. I’m like…can you imagine being his kid?


I think he’s prolly only that way in the commercial kitchen. Cuz his daughter was definitely serving it right back to him when he was getting a lil snappy, Lolol.

This was a great Live. And he made the shit in under 10 minutes 😮 (misenplace, ofc) the man is talented asf. & his foul mouthed, str8 up, raw honesty in the kitchen, bothers me none. A good Live- to see the toned, down family dude in his home kitchen with the fam 🤙🏿

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