I forget My Divine & Spirituality/being grounded escapes me @ times when I feel lost…helpless to help a world overwhelmed by fear, inundated with greed & lacking in love.

It gets…to be a lot sometimes

& Lordt knows I do not like using the term empath (because of the internet) but I’ll say this:

Being a feeler when there are so many feels happening (i.e. the energetic imbalance/chaotic energy in the world)…it fucks me up. & I have to unplug. I have to cease ingesting the news & shit like learning black folx are again, being threatened as a race. It’s exhausting. My heart has broken a million times, before I was even born…via my bloodline. Via the changing of our DNA shifting due to slavery & trauma. I’m tired, y’all.

But I’m here. & I gotta see beyond the trauma & trust that love will lead me always. No matter how dark the days grow, there is hope.

I watched a Live earlier by one of my favourite human beings and…it was the reminder I needed.

There are humans in this world who give, share & move with the highest intentions of love.

I feel it. I’m grateful for it.

I’m grateful to be able to share & offer ways of healing & holding space for others within their silent struggles…for the marginalized and already, systematically, disenfranchised…The terrain is often rugged…

I offer up, humbly, my love & extend that strength via petitions, intentions, language:

Prayers for the collective, for the poor, black, brown & indigenous communities

Protection for the children and those living with the reality of abuse within their homes & spaces they never felt were “safe”…this fucks me up the most, tbh 😔

For anyone within their struggle of being human and doing their best to navigate this life, with the odds already stacked against them

Peace that surpasses all understanding

For encouragement when we face the dark and don’t know how to get out, or, if there even is a way out (sometimes it be that way)

I pray for healing of the broken hearted

I pray for mending for the broken Spirit

I pray for an outpouring of love that we may know/receive & remember that Love is perfect…even though life isn’t.

This shit is crazy, rn, but I wanted to share this Divine reminder (& also a lime from the song, “Kiss The Sky”)

Strong & Wise & You Are Love(d)

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