Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio


I can honestly…truly, madly, deeply…see EXACTLY how the very emo water placements in my natal chart, ran my ass.

To even sing these words as boldly as I did…at the age that I was…lol, I can’t.

Bc…what the hell did I know about a love or relationship that refelcted and mirrored the sentiments in this song? At THAT age? yeahohhhk, Lolol.

Scorpio. Cancer. Pisces. Thank you. Cuz y’all been showing out since my teenage angst/emo years 🤨

Well. Although LOTS of things have changed since my savage garden days, my feels about this song haven’t.

I actually forgot that songs were written so beautifully about love, relationships, divine unions, etc. I recently began curating some new playlists and added this song.

This is one hellova vybe. I’m with it. All this beautiful ass shit.

We don’t gotta be on a mountain naked tho…bc bugs 🤷🏾‍♂️

Truly, deeply Emo

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