Pac taught me


Thank you. I appreciate you.

My whole life I’ve been dealing with folks trying to force the fluid, shape shifting, water-bearer into a square or round shape.
Never worked. Never will.

I do, however, place folks…every single significant* person into ONE category. *significant as in, I actually know you, have shared time, space, energy, meals, possibly saliva, etc. with you. An impactful relationship.

And that category that ERRYbody I’ve fucked with on a personal level goes into is:

How come every person goes into this one category?

Because whether I experienced ecstacy or misery, pleasure or pain (some womxn are all of the above- gotta love em) with a person, I know that every single person who shows up in my experience is not only intentional, but also necessary.

Other people are both our teachers and our mirrors.

Now, within this one category, there are subcategories that Madea taught me hella years ago. I’m talking…before Tyler Perry had his own studios and we were eating ramen noodles (yuck) & watching recorded vhs tapes of his plays back at NCA&T
(Shout out to Holland Hall, Aggie Suites)

Reason, season, lifetime
The trick in life, is figuring out who goes where. Some will be in multiple categories.

Some, as time, life (& egos) progress, who you once thought would remain in one category forever, can suddenly, be re-categorized.

Some people move themselves around…or they are moved by your ancestors/guides.

Your highest self may need to remove folks who aren’t operating from that vibration &/or level…and it’s NEVER personal. It’s your path. Your calling. Your destiny.

Everybody.Can’t.Come & No matter what, they are absolutely necessary, but watch those “reason, season, or lifetime” chart placements, my loves.

Pay attention to the timing of folks vibrating in or out of your experience.

Divine timing & Divine Order; trust them.

To my benevolent ancestors & guides, I ask for discernment always. No matter how painful, hurtful, unexpected, or how bitter a pill to swallow.
Whenever it is necessary, I ask for harmonious transitions & give thanks for every being and every experience.

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