F.R.I.E.N.D.S. / Dept of Sanitation


Ah. We live. We learn (hopefully). We grow and do/be better. Right? Yeah. Yes.
So. In some of my most human moments/thoughts/feels, I’ll share with you.

Take for instance this scenario: If you take a shit in the same bathroom where your toothbrush is held…and you don’t have one of those antibacterial, toothbrush holder/cover things…I’m judging you.
Ok. In ALL fairness (&…in all honesty), up until a few years ago, i woulda been judging my own damn self, cuz I didn’t have one, lolol. I mean…I just feel like…ok fine I won’t judge someone by that 🙄 but you should def get one of those covers anyway 💁🏾‍♂️

Now…overall cleanliness* + sanitation in general of your space…not sure if it’s really judging …🤔 well, prolly yeah, lol. It’s that observant side of me & I’m also gonna acknowledge the Pisces & Cancer in my chart; I’m a feeler. Kinda like an antenna for energies 📡
So. Naturally l’m gonna take into account the vibe the second I walk inside your door. Inside anyones door.

Any establishment or space i step foot in, actually. Is it Clean/clear physically AND energetically + vibrationally?

Side note: *overall cleanliness: If you’re a mum or caregiver…and your house is a wreck, completely understood. & If we friends, hit a bitch up and I will gladly (with non latex gloves and tons of environmentally friendly cleaning + sanitation products) come give you a day off and clean your space for you. I would (except bathrooms, sorry not doing those unless it’s my own 🤷🏾‍♂️)

Addendum: I emphasize single parent/mum (cuz if you have a partner/someone who SHOULD be doing this/supporting you in the home, I’m calling both of y’all out and I rescind my offer )

If your home smells like a home…cuz you have a whole ass family that lives there. Yes, I get it. Homes have smells/scents that are distinct. That’s a thing.
However, smelling like a home (food cooking, lived in, etc.)
Smelling and looking like trash. And…hoarder tendencies give me anxiety 😖 because I can’t…I don’t know wha’ts underneath all that trash 😱😱😱
And…quite frankly, I don’t wanna know. Not interested. Not even in the slightest bit.

“Guess whooo?” “Department of Sanitation?”
Mannnnn. Did you see that episode of Friends with Ross and Rebecca Romijn?

This is the episode

I cried laughing SO many times watching that episode!!!
Ross is a good one cuz a bitch like me would’ve stepped one foot in that apartment & turned my ass right the fuck back around. And never looked back.

Uh uh.

As above, so below…As within, so without

🤔 If your apartment/space is looking like that…ummm…what kind of care are you taking of your body?
I mean. Could be completely unrelated. I find it unlikely, tho. Idk. I think it’s a direct reflection of what’s happening internally. Somewhere. Something. Is…off. an imbalance.
To be able to intentionally reside in those conditions…idk.
Well. We can thank this episode of FRIENDS for this very human + somewhat ( or a lot 🤔) Judge Judy moment of sharing.

I woke up to the sound of the rain outside & it is honestly one of my favourite things to experience. I am very grateful for this day…for all my days.
I hope your day is filled with delicious and delightful details that enhance your human experience.
Peace. Love to you in your moments.

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