My love

My muse…my present moment

Speechless. Needless

Everything is before me

Behold, my eyes had never

My soul had never

Met it’s mirror; & instantaneously recognized itself

A Goddess. Gift to no God or his counterparts

A gift to the Universe, instead…

We spend the first half hour of the morning in silence

It’s Saturns day.

She sips her French pressed coffee as my roasted dandelion & fresh ginger tea steeps.

Santana on vinyl. Black magic woman.

Her hips sway,


Shared mornings and shared space with 2 creatures who agreed to never suppress their wild.

A Goddess, running with the Wolf.

Two readers pulled;

1 upright and 1 reverse:

Shadow work.

We’ve both studied Jung. We both understand balance.

If I tell you I’m the devil I could never lie

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