Samael, Myrrhanda, Cary, Charlotte


Bull City.

Sex & The City.

My mum sent me a what’s app this morning asking me about the weather. I, never to do the expected, couldn’t just simply reply.
No. I dediced to walk to my bedroom window and record the view from the second floor and sound of the rain.
Of course…I was also watching Sex In The City and in the background of the aforementioned video, is Carrie:
“I write about orgasms. You want these kids to learn about how to give a blow job?”
That was a moment realized AFTER I hit send. She emoji cackled. I emoj cackled back. Twas a funny ass moment.
Enjoying this rainy day, damiana, freshly brewed organic ginger root tea and SITC binge (because I’m from another planet where some ppl also haven’t seen Sex in the city).
Well. It’s pretty hilarious. Authentic experiences and humor, which I appreciate.
Cuz I damn sure have said, done, or heard a lot of those same things, only with women.
Love, romance. Another being allowing you into their experience. Sharing intimacy and intricacies of anothers soul + heart. Their hopes, dreams, kinks, quirks, etc…I think it’s a beautiful process. Because, in getting to learn and know a person, you also reiterate the relationship of getting & learning yourself; just also with another being.
Good show.

Lovely track, below ⏬

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