Sade. Sadaze.


Aligning with the right people. Being in the right place, at the right time and being the right person…is lit. It’s very suiting. And a different ass vibe. Especially now that I’m more present/paying attention-I’m an Aqua Sun & I be missing shit sometimes. Not on purpose, but my brain is quite often in the future. My consciousness too 🤷🏾‍♂️

My guidance (my benevolent ancestors & spirit guides) provides me with the illest discernment…until…I don’t listen 😬 because this time around I was made mortal and worldly pleasures can be innumerable at times…so. in this human form ya know…shit like love, desire, beautiful ass Goddess Womxn…human tings man.

So….I Don’t always listen, lol. I pass go when I shouldn’t…and most certainly receive the lesson, lol. Ah. Well. I’m very pleased to know that I’ve grown into someone super aware of my Scorpio ♏️ placements andddd the neverending adventure + thrill & adventure seeker, Sagittarius ♐ in my chart.

Knowing thyself…helps.
So. This time around…I figured out the difference between being aligned vs. not. Force vs Flow.

& The folks that are here now (still; after a deep rooted friend/acquaintance cleanse) & the magical, wonderful, beautiful beings who are showing up now…wow…thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Life flows. Relationships blossom, grow & flourish. Some wither & die.

You Grow. Expand. Learn some shit, feel some shit, make lessons (not mistakes; language is very Important to me) face…Saturns return on that ass and his heavy handed, but essential wrath. Ego + spiritual death. You become born again, and repeat. And do it all over…possibly several times.
🤔 This post was about alignment, I guess it still is. I just…an overwhelming amount of gratitude just overcame me…it’s nice. On time. Divine. Ok I’m done. Give thanks.

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