Mercury, Venus, Sebi y Marielle, etc.


I originally wrote this a while back, but the sentiment and my gratitude still remains:

Is what my phones keyboard decided to type…on it’s own…
JUST as i was getting ready to type this:
You know how sometimes…you gotta write shit down…just so you can see it…look at it…affirm and confirm it’s realness???
No? Just me?
Well. I have to acknowledge and accept that some things aren’t meant to be explained;
Like…Aquarius ppl. Or, idk…maybe…perhaps…some connections aren’t meant to be questioned.
I have been prompted to post about 3 + beings on the exact same day of their passing. Without even knowing that it was their anniversary of energy exchange.
Ironic? I think TF not.
Not when I’m aware of the magick, ancestral gifts + protection, spirits, etc.
I’m paying attention. And I feel absolutely honored and extremely humbled. Thank you, Ancestors. Thank you, guides. Thank you source.

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