“If your nervous, hit the lights…I know we only fuckin outta spite…”

..just had a thought.
Idgaf if whether you like me or not. I want you to learn some shit. And be better. And do better. Grow. Grow the fuck up…and grow in-to you. To a relationship and love so sacred and so deep…so Divine with yourself…that all you vibrate (mostly, cuz you human…and more importantly, OTHER humans, be trying it sometimes) is love.
Love (& gratitude) are truly the 2 ingredients in this human ass life, guranteed to sweeten your experience. I mean…every fucking thing will look and feel like pure love. Almost every interaction + experience will bring you fruitfulness of some sort.


It’s a whole ass, different ass, beautiful ass vibration. Don’t let these mortals trick you into thinking that heaven is a place you go to AFTER you bite it. Lol. Nah. A blatant fucking lie. Heaven (or hell) is all right here. What kinda experience are you living/perpetuating, tho?

In my feelings, etc

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