He didn’t make it

Amidst sobbing
I can see her face as clear as day
As she utters those 4.


Generational income

The recurring angel number 444 means honesty and inner-wisdom. This is a sign that the angels are sending you, to encourage you to continue to work hard and pursue your passions. 444 represents you rigorous goal-seeking and applauds you for your drive.

Was my caption yesterday, on 3 of my Instagram posts.

The Four. Diddy, means love.

Those 4 words

He didn’t make it.”

Uttered by my mum as I felt the weight of her pain as she had to explain to me; that which was, is no longer.

A being who stood as Angel, Protector, Provider, Brother, Father, Uncle, Best Friend…and a divine Taurus to the core if his being. He had grown men calling him Sire. Like…all my life. A boss. A G in business. A G in life.

He is now remembering that he is now everything. And free.

To my EarthSun & Angel…now my Ancestor, thank you for your love. Thank you for everything. I love you.

– Syn El Sol ☀

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