They say:
Let go of what you fear losing most

Year of the ghost

I no longer give permission
To apparitions
Of December’s past Christmas
When you was at the top of my wish list
& I was a failing Christian

I told you I didn’t wanna go to hell.
The fuck…was I thinking…

I meant well
Saving soul
breaking heart
Do not covet
Dearly beloved
I’ve never loved at
The first moment

I ain’t got Nothin to lose
I realized around two
All along…
It was you.

It’s no longer
I’m alive.
Buried truth over lies. I love me.
It’s her time

All love
no lies

Letting go of what I feared most.

Yessi. It is so.
Thank you for the strength and every ounce of support. Time and patience. The reward is greater and greatly appreciated.

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