Coming Out On Top


Interestingly enough I never knew this existed! Must share. And much Gratitude to the original Blog poster 🙂



I have been playing dating simulation  games pretty much since I started online gaming. This type of game usually has you create a character and then play through their life while trying to get them to end up with a special someone. As a gay man I’ve always wished that I didn’t have to play a game with a girl character in order to end with a guy. I recently found out that I am not the only person who really wanted a gay dating sim. Thanks to the game developer Obscura  and her successful Kickstarter there is an amazing game in development that is everything I could want. Coming Out on Top follows the story of a senior at Orlin University. Until the beginning of this game he is completely closeted. You get to go through his coming out and control his life. There are so many choices and different outcomes…

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