Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc

I have this perfect view of the Moon and

Brings me to you

The heartbeat…

The. Soul of the world.

…it sings with strings

Universal marionette with wings


Takes me Higher 💨

Reminds me of Love

Thanking the Goddess every time she blinks an eye…

My Soul is Peace
And my Purpose is Love.

Mixed with maybe
A little bit of Bulleit whiskey
…Every now and again

And again I remember why I went though pain…

To lead me to feeling
Lead me to Healing
Lead me to You

Loving you always until the day that you are me and I Am You ~Stevie Wonder

I think it’s quite possible that I’ve met my mirror-
My human familiar…

& Thus, Life hands us
The biggest test:

To love and be loved:
Completely and freely

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