Mind/Soul over latter

Lesbian, LGBTQ

Like attracts Like…
& like Stevie says:
“Until the day that You are Me and I Am You” #illbelovingyouforever

& we could go to a land sans
& you will never
doubt the word “Love” whenever-
It is uttered…

How can I discover
The abyss of you
Cuz your beauty transcends physical
Your heart- the shyt that makes Shakespearean sonnets lyrical

Frida Kahlo’s muse
Basquiat to Fitzgeralds blues
That made her sing tunes in tune with the moon’s-
Inexplicable attraction to the water

New. & Wet 💦

Streaming & thriving from love and pain
The extraction of shame
I give you honesty as we…exchange flames 🔥

In the heat of the night
I got your body feelin just right

A kiss.

One taste of your wetness helps me take flight…

High as fuck
We High as Love
…you know how deep that is???!


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