{and one again, Welcome! & I Thank You For Reading My Blog/Thoughts/Heart/Soul.

My sincerest Gratitude.

You see this Truth
I feel your Roots
I’m on the Roof

On the edge
& will stand on any ledge

and without Fear
Whisper in your ear:

I’ll always Love YOU, mi amor. My dear

& you will turn to me and


You are THE ONE, Pretty Mister

Softly kissing my lips
Your body next to mine standing real close…

Inducing thoughts so fiercely-
Every night my pen is making love to this paper with each stroke…

So much strong

So Much Brown

I Love The Way Love sounds when you strut around
This land abounds-

With Love

Love that doesn’t give up-and
Love that doesn’t give a fuck
Love got your ass stuck
-in my head

Your body belonging to my bed of roses
My Soul, your Soul…
Love is Here ❤️

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