Sugar Apple

Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, qwoc

…Sugar. Apple

So many layers to your sweet
So many layers to peel away &



Visual ecstasy when you’re ridin…
Next to me

You check for me
& me?
I could fuck with you forever, maybe
If its meant to Be…for now i will enjoy, love and indulge in your essence-presently

Believe me ima dig deep
& we not about get much sleep for weeks
Your smile gets me weak

& Your Kiss


You gave me the Kiss of Life

Strength & empowerment in your eyes
When you stand by my side with…Pride

That’s what a Soul needs. Love. Care
Dedication &…motivation
& ima give & receive

69 both our emotional, sexual, soul-filled/desire filled/lust & passion fueled, needs.

And. Love is paramount. So.

With Patience

We shall Proceed

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