Linear Regression

Lesbian, Queer, qwoc

I see you
& I wanna see you
Exposed brick

Like I saw you

Once you showed your hand
I didn’t interpret
Or understand


It’s just one thing that got me trippin

How fucking beautiful you are
Esp when brick is exposed

I got advice from ur homie & heed it

but who the fuck can drive slow
With your kind of Soul

I don’t say shit like that unless I mean it

& it’s been a while
Since I’ve uttered such words to a woman

Since I thought about…Love in that way

& that its ok to not be perfect.

You and me
Mixed up in all our growth and learning and hoping

And leaning
A little backwards sometimes when we get weak

Cuz it’s comfortable
Til it’s not

So show me your bricks
just don’t throw em at me, Lol


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