Bisexual, Gay, gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, sexuality, Transgender

“No. What are we doin, G?” I pleaded. Her eyes locked into mine. Searching for my Truth, she never blinked and spoke as If reciting a psalm.

Lovely and calm………


    I’m trying to give you what you want to give me.
    Reach a part of you that you refuse to let anyone else see. That not so grateful place of fear:
    Fear of failure
    Fear of not ever finding or connecting with your one True Soul-Mate
    Or worse. Having her, but losing her.

A nerve. Struck like an out of tune chord
She struck my-
Auto tuned fort
I look.
Then I look some more.

    Hmmm. All I Feel is Truth

I want you to come inside & erase all I thought I had left of my past
I want your hands on this ass…
I want your tongue to sing me Sonnets Of Syn
Until I’m screaming…IT’S YOURS

Well. At least she’s honest. 1zerozero

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