Lost Wekend


So. I was invited to a zombie crawl recently & went to support a friend who needed some company. I completely and utterly did not want to go. I was already exhausted & had been kickin it all weekend with friends, but alas, when someone needs a friend, I do my best to support, so I went. She was hella sad her best friends promised to go with her, but they left & never returned…

    It’s a lonely word out there for them
    $4 Well whiskey-
    It takes two
    & you
    Hope you see someone you know
    In hope
    That they
    Will take you to a place you know
    You give cash
    He gets hash
    You get passed
    The acid is up
    So is the jig
    Sorry, you’re living another
    …Lost Weekend…20131014-111832.jpg

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