This IS (turning into a rant)

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I was only used to seeing Studs.

One of the moments that redefined


20130916-034846.jpgChloë Sevigny in If These Walls Could Talk 2

She was so cool. A boyish gentleman. Charming. Imperfect. Hard.
she rocked the James Dean denim/leather look & I adore…
Willing to be vulnerable with another lesbian but one with a sense of Hetero entitlement.
Abandoning the same struggle & claiming it as a revolutionary process…..
I pray we’ve made Progress…..

2 thoughts on “This IS (turning into a rant)

    1. As did I! I was so in awe of her presence on screen. I remember watching her & Michelle Williams during their first encounter and thinking, “oh, so THAT’S how you pick up “lipstick lesbians”‘ ha ha. Thanks for reading and the dialogue middleagebutch!

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