LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc

“One man will single me out and will tell me what he has told no other person.”


Time stood still when she entered the room
Her aura: reeking of freedom
Her soul: in full Bloom

Remember that show, Blossom?
She’s old school, nostalgic, reminiscent & familiar like that

Going back in time..

    Going back in mind



I wanted to be Henry Winkler
With my crisp, classic white tee
Leather jacket, blue jeans.

You. Woman. Are more than you seem.


I like that.

Dark Knight
Dressed in all black
Red Lipstick
Maven. Vixen. Misfit.

Seriously suppressing Ego sayings:

I Want You

as if I’m as smooth as Marvin
Marching with Martians I’m unafraid of from Mars
When I’m feeling Venus.
I feel you, when I’m feeling the realest

    One Day

1 Day.
I will enter this room and all will be in bloom


Poets and MadWomyn
Will expose their treasures


Pirate of the Caribbean
Would have made the decision
To Be ME.

    & Love YOU…

And WE will Love one another completely


Without abandon.
Because we feel & sometimes we fear strongly


We will STILL love one another before the crowds…


We still LOVE

    I would be your Romeo AND you, my beautiful Capulet20130915-110919.jpg


Nothing separates us.
Not the
pointed fingers
Fear that tends to linger
all that remains are love soaked stains
That shyt ain’t goin nowhere



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